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Scents (Perfume Making)

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How Are Perfumes Made?

“The first step in making perfume is to obtain the essential fragrance oils. This is done in many different ways. The oils may be dissolved out of flowers and leaves by solvents such as alcohol. Another method is to squeeze the oils out by pressure from heavy rollers. In some cases the petals are placed in great tanks that are heated gently. As the petals become hot, the vapors from them rise. As they cool, the vapors are collected on overhead trays.
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Air Pollution

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“Air pollution is the presence of contaminants in the atmosphere in quantities and duration that are injurious to human health and the environment. Air pollutants come from many sources and occur in many forms, but they can be categorized into two broad classes: particulates (including ashes, smoke, and dust) and gases and vapors (including fumes, mists, and odors).” 

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Biodegradable Plastics

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Biodegration is “the gradual breakdown of plastics and matter by living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. Most of the commonly used plastics are essentially not biodegradable, exhibiting limited susceptibility to assimilation by micro- organisms. An exception is polycaprolactam. However, the growing emphasis on environmental aspects of discarded plastics has stimulated research in ways of attaining biodegradability after a predetermined time period. One method is to add a UV- light sensitizer that causes photodegradation after a period of exposure to light, followed by breakup after prolonged exposure to the elements, after which bacteria will finish the job. A third method is the deliberate incorporation of weal links in the polymer chain, temporarily protected by a degradable stabilizer.”
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Medicinal Plants / Herbs

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The scope of this pathfinder is drawn from the definition of Botanical Medicine:

“Botanical medicine is a vital component of the healing arts that draws on the accumulated and developing knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants in the prevention and treatment of disease. Botanical medicine includes medical herbalism, a healing art that relies on the synergistic and curative properties of plants to treat symptoms and disease and maintain health, and pharmocognosy, the study of natural products. Botanical medicine is an important component of numerous traditional medical systems and therapies, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy, indigenous and shamanic medicine, homeopathy, flower essence therapy, and aromatherapy.”
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“Biodiesel is a renewable alternative fuel produced from a wide range of vegetable oils and animal fats. Pure biodiesel or biodiesel blended with petroleum diesel can be used to fuel diesel vehicles, providing energy security and emissions and safety benefits.”

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