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Science : Current Awareness Service

BioScience Vol. 63 Issue 11 Nov 2013

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BioScience presents articles dealing with current advances in the field of biological science for researchers, administrators and teachers. It is published by the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS).
In the Current Issue of BioScience (Vol. 63 Issue 11 Nov 2013):
Below are links to full-text articles courtesy of Rizal Library for on-campus access only.

Science Teacher, Vol. 80 Issue 9, Dec 2013

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In the Current Issue of Science Teacher (Vol. 80, Issue 9, Dec 2013):
This issue of The Science Teacher focuses on one of the seven crosscutting concepts—"patterns"—found in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Crosscutting concepts have been prominent in education reform documents for over two decades. What's new is that the NGSS elevates crosscutting concepts by weaving them into the student performance expectations for all students, so that they will become an explicit part of science instruction beginning in the earliest years of schooling. This issue presents several articles that will help you bring the crosscutting concept of Patterns into your classroom, including a history of science piece on the classification of species—a practical and important application of pattern recognition.

Science Scope Dec 2013, Vol. 37 Issue 4

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In the Current Issue of Science Scope (Dec 2013, Vol. 37 Issue 4):
Our Earth is covered with impact craters, fault lines, and storm damage from natural hazards that have plagued our planet in the past. Learn more about the fascinating forces of nature with the activities found in this issue of Science Scope so you can better understand the next disaster that comes our way.
Below are links to full-text articles (EBSCO Discovery Service courtesy of Rizal Library). On-campus access only.

AMBIO Volume 42, Issue 7, Nov 2013

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In the Current Issue of AMBIO (Volume 42, Issue 7, November 2013):
Below are links to full-text articles courtesy of Rizal Library. On-campus access only.
Madhu Rao, Saw Htun, Steven G. Platt, Robert Tizard, Colin Poole, Than Myint, James E. M. Watson

2013-2014 Magazines and Journals Subscriptions (Sci)

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General Collection

Agriculture l Local monthly magazine for agriculture.

Biological Sciences Review l Know more about biological concepts. 

Chemistry Review l Up-to-date advances in chemistry. 

ChemMatters | "Demystifying everyday chemistry". >>

DiscoverScience and technology news and features. >>

E: Environment Magazine | Information, news and resources concerning the environment >>

Scientific American | Science news, articles and information. >>


Teachers Collection

The Physics Teacher | Focuses on teaching introductory physics at all levels. >>

Physics Today | Important developments in the field of Physics. >>

Science Scope | NSTA’s peer-reviewed journal for high school science teachers. >>

Science Teacher | NSTA’s peer-reviewed journal for high school science teachers. >>

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