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Biodegradable Plastics

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Biodegration is “the gradual breakdown of plastics and matter by living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. Most of the commonly used plastics are essentially not biodegradable, exhibiting limited susceptibility to assimilation by micro- organisms. An exception is polycaprolactam. However, the growing emphasis on environmental aspects of discarded plastics has stimulated research in ways of attaining biodegradability after a predetermined time period. One method is to add a UV- light sensitizer that causes photodegradation after a period of exposure to light, followed by breakup after prolonged exposure to the elements, after which bacteria will finish the job. A third method is the deliberate incorporation of weal links in the polymer chain, temporarily protected by a degradable stabilizer.”
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Biodegradable plastics

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Click the EBSCOHOST Database, select Academic Source Complete and start searching.  
Includes full-text articles and citations from journals such as:  
Journal of Materials Science, Journal of Reinforced Plastics & Composites, Nature Chemistry, Journal of Polymer Research, Journal of Cleaner Production, Waste Management, etc.
ACS Publications--Journal Search *
Click the EBSCOHOST Database, select ACS Publications--Journal and start searching. The American Chemical Society contains full text chemistry journals and magazines of topic like biodegradable plastics. 
GreenFILE *
Click the EBSCOHOST Database, select GreenFILE and start searching. It includes full-text articles and citations from various topics like biodegradable plastics, renewable energy, recycling, and more.  
Includes full-text articles and citations from scholarly journals.
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E:the Environment Magazine
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Vertical Files
Topics on: Refuse and refuse disposal, Waste management
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