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This page of the EMC website serves as the online learning unit for the students and faculty members of the Ateneo de Manila High School. Various infographics (visual representation of information) on topics based on the school's curriculum are made available for the students to use as reference or research material. These inforgraphics are gathered from different websites and webpages in the intenet.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

A. Earthquakes

  1. 1. Earthquake Safety Action Guidetips and advice on how to stay safe when the ground begins to shake.
  2. 2. What To Do During An Earthquake - whether a person is indoor or outdoor, this infographic shows steps and procedures on what to do during an earthquake.
  3. 3. Surviving An Earthquake When Inside A Car - displays important things to remember when experiencing an earthquake inside a car.
  4. 4. When Plates Collide - infographic about predicting the next big eqarthquake after Haiti.

B. Storms, Typhoons and Hurricanes

  1. 1. Weathering A Hurricane - useful tips for before, during and after the storm.
  2. 2. Top 10 Costliest Philippine Typhoons - a list of the 10 devastating typhoons that hit the Philippines. This inforgraphic focuses on the financial damage these typhoons brought to the country.

C. Droughts

  1. 1. Drought/Dry Spell Outlook - shows drought affected areas in the Philippines.
  2. 2. Tips To Do During El Nino - tips on surviving the extremely dry season.

D. Floods

  1. 1. Flood Safety Tips - shows items to prepare in case a person experience a flood.
  2. 2. Be Ready: Floods! important tips to remember before, during and after a flood.

E. Health Hazards

  1. 1. Philippines: Wash and Well Being - 5.5% of total deaths in the country are related to water sanitation and hygiene issues.
  2. 2. What is Hazardous Waste? - A simple inforgraphic on the different types of hazardous wastes.


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