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Asian Civilizations

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This pathfinder will serve as a guide for students in studying Asian civilizations.
Civilization - the stage of cultural development at which writing and the keeping of records is attained. (Webster's New Explorer Encyclopedic Dicitionary, 2006)
Subject Headings & Keywords

Ancient history
Civilizations, Ancient
Call Numbers

DS History of Asia
G Geography
900 History and geography
930 History of the ancient world
950 General history of Asia (Far East)


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Video Recordings

Eastern traditions : China. Naples, Florida : Wolff Productions , 2005. >> VR(dv) 083 
Eastern traditions : India. Naples, Florida : Wolff Productions, 2005. >> VR(dv) 084 
Mysteries of Asia : jewels in the jungle. Discovery Communications, 1996. >> VR(cd) 373 
Secrets of Ancient China.  Discovery Communications, 2003. >> VR(cd) 380 
Time Life's Lost Civilization: China : Dynasties Of Power. Time Life Asia, 1995. >> VR(c) 997

National Geographic *
Time Magazine*
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Online Journals & Magazines

East Asian History 
An international refereed journal publishing scholarly research on all aspects of historical studies in East Asia.
An on-line peer-reviewed journal that focuses on historiography as a social process in Korea
Web Resources

Ancient Asian Civilization 
An Internet Hotlist on Ancient Asia.
A website dedicated to Asian history including countries, important people, events and culture.
Articles covering important events in Asian history and their effects on Asia and the world.
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